We help you build sustainable corporate innovation, and corporate foresight capabilities.

Embiggen Consulting is an international Corporate Innovation Strategy and Corporate Foresight Consulting firm committed to building meaningful growth for progressive organizations in emerging markets. 

Why should you work with us?

We help you build corporate innovation, and corporate foresight capabilities


We help you build corporate innovation, and corporate foresight capabilities

Ingenious Solutions

We create unique solutions, tailored for each client, to solve your challenges and grow your organization.

Organizational Resilience

We help prepare organizations for any changes and
disruptions in the future.


We understand what organizations in emerging markets need and want.

Cultivating Growth

Unlock new growth through our corporate innovation and foresight services and meet your growth targets.


Our services instill innovation in your organization, from training your workforce to implementing your innovation initiatives

Our Goals


Help you navigate the Next Normal through our knowledge and expertise.


Leverage our blueprints to Future-Proof your organization.


Build organizational resilience through corporate innovation, and corporate foresight.


Develop your culture of corporate entrepreneurship.

Our Values

Value to Customers and Society

Imagination & Play



Learning & Curiosity

Cathedral Building

Where we are

We are an international team.

Our Team

We are a corporate innovation, and corporate foresight powerhouse.

As seen in

Our thoughts have been featured in some of the most prestigious local and international organizations.

Beyond Consulting

We are building a group of companies to cater to all of your innovation needs. Our group will be a complete corporate innovation suite offering solutions that will help you build meaningful growth.

Embiggen Digital Solutions

Digital transformation tools for enterprises.

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Embiggen Digital Ventures

New digital venture building.

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Corporate foresight signals, tools, and scenario development.

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Embiggen Experts

A platform to connect your organization with innovation experts.

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Embiggen Capital

Venture Capital as a Service (VCaaS).

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