Alexa, can you tell the future? 📱 | #InnovationRundown July 18-22, 2022

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Imagine a world without innovation.

Take a few minutes to appreciate the conveniences we experience today—the warmth of fire, the connection brought about by smartphones, the healing effects of medicine, how cars bring us from point A to point B—then imagine a world where we don’t have any of these. That is the power of innovation.

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For now, here’s a rundown of some of last week’s exciting news!

Amazon debuts new Alexa developer tools, including support for multiple voice assistants | TechCrunch 

Why it matters: At the Alexa Live 2022, Amazon introduced new tools and features for the Alexa ecosystem such as the Alexa Ambient Home Dev Kit and updates to Matter, a protocol that allows any device to operate on smart home platforms. These developments stretch the possibilities for conversational AI and the ambient experience in homes, workplaces, and businesses. When you’re feeling lonely, just say the words, “Alexa, tell me a joke,” and you’ll have a little robot device talking to you. Or maybe you’ve found the most comfortable sleeping position and don’t want to get up: “Alexa, turn off the lights.” 

Here’s what it looks like to ride a Chinese robotaxi with no steering wheel | CNN Business

Why it matters: A future where steering wheels are a thing of the past? Sixth-generation autonomous vehicles bring us into the future we’ve only seen in movies. These cars allow total driverless transportation, with passenger-centric design and features. If regulators approve Baidu’s self-driving car, it will usher in a new age of transportation innovations that will shape the future of vehicle design and technology in the world’s largest car market.

Bored Apes founders on their plans for Otherside metaverse | TechCrunch

Why it matters: The metaverse is a lot of things: augmented reality, virtual economies, cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and whatnot. Its promise? Immersive experiences built upon decentralization. Yuga Labs, the founder of the legendary NFT project Bored Ape Yacht Club, has opened the doors of the Otherside gaming metaverse where users can monetize experiences and buy virtual land. Yuga is positioning itself in the play-to-earn economy that has revolutionized the gaming landscape. 

Facebook is redesigning the home feed | CNN Business 

Why it matters: Just like many other companies, Facebook is facing fierce competition from its rivals. This prompted the redesign, in which the social media company aims to increase its number of users and increase the time they spend on the platform. Only time will tell if this innovation will be enough to achieve their goals and get ahead of their competitors like the popular short-form video platform TikTok.

Steam Deck Review: A Game Console for the Quintessential Gamer | The New York Times

Why it matters: Valve’s Steam Deck is–believe it or not–a game changer. It’s a handheld console that makes PC gaming truly portable for the first time in gaming history (think “Nintendo Switch” but completely digital). At the heart of the product’s inception is Steam’s hefty library of games. The Steam Deck has enough juice for you to play titles like Celeste or Resident Evil 2 at a smooth 60 frames per second all the way from the toilet.

ANALYSIS: Why Revlon filing for bankruptcy signals the need for innovation and foresight | Embiggen

Why it matters: Revlon seems to be the latest in the string of established corporations that are being disrupted by more agile startups. Compounding this issue are the recent negative economic conditions brought by supply chain disruptions and rising inflation rates. We argue that innovation is one of the keys to making a business more competitive and increasing its resilience to these crises.

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