Do you want to live forever? ♾️ | #InnovationRundown August 1-7, 2022

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Pick your favorite age. One where you’re healthy, thriving in your ambitions, spending quality time with loved ones, and content with what you have. Would you want to stay that age forever? Or perhaps, would you want another 50 or 100 years added to your lifespan?

We present an even more complex question: How do you want to be remembered?

Life’s short. It’s a rather arresting thought, even more so today when life expectancy rates across the globe have been increasing–thanks to the advances and innovations in healthcare. However, whether you are inclined to live long or embody the you-only-live-once lifestyle, we hope that you don’t forget to have a good time. 

Organ decay halted, cell function restored in pigs after death -study | Reuters

Why it matters: Can we finally live forever? Would you want to though? Scientists in the United States seem to have had a breakthrough, should you wish to. The OrganEx technology has successfully halted cellular decay and even restored cell function in the organs of brain-dead pigs. While the technology is still early in development, it presents a hopeful future where science can save more lives.

South Korea develops nanotech tattoo as health monitoring device | Reuters

Why it matters: Here’s another reason to get a tattoo: It can be a health monitoring device that alerts you about potential health risks. We won’t get into the chemistry behind it since we don’t understand it ourselves, but from what we do know, the tattoo being developed by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology can read the wearer’s vital signs such as heart rate, glucose, and lactate to a monitor.

Surgeons use virtual reality to separate twins with conjoined heads in a 27-hour-long surgery | Business Insider India

Why it matters: Virtual reality (VR) isn’t all that bad–what was once a pipe dream became a must-have in the gaming industry then the workforce and now healthcare. Brazil is a case in point: It took a village, VR technology, and about 27 hours to separate three-year-old twins who were joined at the head. This is a testament to how science and innovation could not only be applied to future medical cases but also be a means to provide a new future for children and their families.

No, I Will Not BeReal | The Atlantic

Why it matters: Instagram’s product innovation and unique user experience are what led to its domination in the social media space. Lately, the social media platform has been under fire for copying Snapchat Stories, TikTok short-form videos, and now BeReal’s dual video feature. Is Instagram innovating or just keeping up?

Enabling AEV Innovation Champions for the Great Transformation | Aboitiz Eyes

Why it matters: Aboitiz, one of the Philippines’ largest conglomerates, is positioning itself to become the Philippines’ first techglomerate. To empower this, we introduced the fundamentals of innovation to Aboitiz’s corporate service units in a 3-day innovation bootcamp. We’re excited to see where Aboitiz is headed!

GIMI Level 1: Associate Innovation Certification Program
Date: August 27, 2022
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We are launching another cohort of our GIMI Level 1: Associate Innovation Certification Program this August 27, 2022. In this 6-week program, you will learn about GIMI’s proven innovation tools, frameworks, and strategies to de-risk your initiatives and increase their chances of creating long-term growth within your organization. Become a member of the global network of over 10,000 GIMI-certified innovators from internationally-recognized organizations, including several Forbes 500 companies.

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