JUST IN: Frogs and maggots can heal wounds 🐸 | #InnovationRundown July 25-31, 2022

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Innovation is, at its heart, about problem-solving. Let’s face it: There are so many types of problems in the world–whether that be personal, local, or global–but the very first step to solving even just one is to recognize it. We cannot be in denial.

For this week’s #InnovationRundown, we look at how different businesses exercised opportunity perception and came up with innovative solutions that propelled society forward.

Treating wounds with frog skin and maggots | Springwise

Why it matters: Cuprina, a medical technology firm, came up with one of the most recent healthcare innovations: MEDIFLY. Chronic wounds affect about 1 in 20 patients in their home country, Singapore. Their solution? Collagen–the most abundant protein in our bodies that provides structural support to the skin, bones, tendons, and ligaments. The start-up opted to use collagen from bullfrogs and maggots due to its compatibility with the human body. They have yet to find out if seafood waste could also be upcycled to create the protein.

Singapore provides $14m corporate venturing boost | Global Corporate Venturing

Why it matters: The recent funding infusion to Singapore Economic Development Board’s Corporate Venture Launchpad 2.0 project shows the country’s concrete support for innovation. The project has helped create numerous new ventures in the past year of its existence, with companies like Swedish Electrolux creating an appliance subscription service and Singaporean Keppel Land creating an eldercare startup. Will other countries follow suit upon seeing the success of Singapore’s program?

An app estimates psychological age to provide personalised care | Springwise

Why it matters: You’ve probably heard of metabolic age but what about psychological age? In the midst of a mental health crisis, FuturSelf uses AI and deep learning models to estimate one’s psychological age and create a personalized care plan on how to achieve long-term happiness. Their platform, Deep Longevity, is in the works to become a B2B SaaS product that insurance companies and employers could use to keep track of people’s mental states and well-being levels. While arguably a lot of us want to live longer, life would only be fulfilling if you’re healthy–physically and mentally–and don’t feel alone.

CEMEX invests in COBOD’s revolutionary 3D printing tech | CEMEX

Why it matters: Is the future of construction 3D printing? CEMEX seems to believe so. The global construction materials industry leader’s corporate venture capital arm just invested in Danish 3D printing construction firm COBOD. According to CEMEX, the investment allows them to synergize the use of the novel construction technology alongside their traditional concrete mixtures and building materials.

Uber’s posh electric car service is coming to more cities | The Verge

Why it matters: Uber has been starting to incorporate electric vehicles, Tesla and Polestar in particular, into its fleet. As part of the company’s commitment to zero-emissions and electrification, they recently launched “Comfort Electric” in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Dubai–and now, they’re looking to launch in even more cities. This move from Uber shows that sustainability shouldn’t take the backseat.

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