Activating Innovation Initiatives through Venture Capital

Connecting you to emerging and global technology hubs

Sustaining innovation momentum

Most corporations run into problems with sustaining innovation momentum. While some implement open Innovation policies, most organizations struggle to find the next big disruption internally. 

One way corporations address this is by establishing Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) firms that invest in innovative startups. However, it mostly doesn't yield desired or strategic returns, and in some instances, the financial performance of CVC's have been subpar. 

This is where we come in.

Venture capital as-a-service

Introducing Embiggen's Venture Capital-as-a-Service where we will help you deploy venture capital to activate and accelerate your innovation initiatives. Clients who use our service benefit from the following: 

Managed services

We act as your Venture Capital arm, powered by a team of experts in the startup, corporate, and venture capital space. 

Maximized returns

We funnel startups at different lifecycle stages to maximize strategic and financial returns

Global deal flow

We connect you with promising startups from emerging and global hubs of technology and innovation. 

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