Accelerating Growth through Corporate Venture Capital

Providing you with access to venture capital in emerging and global technology hubs

Working with corporates

Startups constantly face the challenge of acquiring clients and accessing new markets. Having well-funded competitors adds another layer to that difficulty. Even with venture capital, startups may still find it hard to compete against an established brand.

Venture capital as-a-service

Introducing Embiggen's Venture Capital-as-a-Service where we will help you connect with venture capital that aligns with your strategic and financial goals. Startups who work wth us benefits from the following: 

Investment matching

We connect your startup to corporate venture capital with an aligned investment focus.

corporate reach

We leverage our corporate partners' reach to help you access new markets. 

post-investment support

Companies under our clients portfolio receive continuous support from us such as talent acquisition, business strategy, and brand awareness.

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